Maintaining Ongoing Compliance


Maintaining Ongoing Compliance

The UKVI can visit at any time once the licence has been granted to check that the Sponsor is remaining fully fit for purpose with regard to the areas of compliance - Recruitment, Prevention of Illegal Working, Maintenance of Contact Details, Migrant Tracking and Monitoring, Record Keeping and Sponsor Duties.

These visits typically will be unannounced and the Sponsor must comply by co-operating with the visit.

If the UKVI are dissatisfied with any aspects of the above stated areas of compliance, they may suspend the Sponsor Licence and subsequently revoke it, if the Sponsor has been unable to satisfactorily address the raised concerns.

Licence revocation is extremely serious in that all sponsored Tier 2 migrant workers will typically have to stop working for the sponsor and have a 60 day period to find new employment with a different Tier 2 sponsor and the sponsor will have to wait 12 months before they can re-apply for a licence.

What we do: we offer a range of full or part UKVI compliance audits, which can be provided on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual basis, depending on how much migrant recruitment activity you have. We cover the basic record keeping, right to work checks and re-checks, management of visa expiry dates and maintenance of contact details as well as employee file record keeping.


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