Tier 2 Visas


Tier 2 Visas

This visa is a work visa and can only be applied for after a licensed Tier 2 Sponsor has assigned a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to you.

The Sponsor firstly needs to test the local labour market to see if there is a settled worker who can take on the vacant position. The only exception to this is if the job is listed on the Shortage Occupation List - { a list of jobs recognised by the UKVI to be in short supply in the UK}.

If there are no suitable local applicants, the Sponsor can request and assign a Restricted CoS to a suitable overseas skilled worker, referencing the appropriate job code from the Standard Occupational Classification list which benchmarks all jobs in the UK. To be eligible for a CoS, the job code must be listed in the RQF Level 6 section of the list.

A Tier 2 CoS can be assigned for up to 5 years, or more commonly 3 years and then extended for a further 2 years before ILR eligibility is achieved at 5 years.

What we do:
advise on the writing and placement of the advert and on the local candidate interview process; support you with the application process for and assignment of the Restricted CoS; preparation of the Tier 2 visa application.


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